I am the artist


Art to me comes in many forms.

Literature. Game Development. Logic. Science. Graphics. Food. Architecture.

I love and admire all forms of art, but I focus on three types of art.

Literature and the art of writing something that no other human has every written. Authorship. Fiction, ideas, opinions, debates, the logic behind the creativity of creating something out of 26 letters. It is something I have always had a passion for and I do not believe that will ever change.

Graphic design. What most of the visitors to this site are most likely here for. I do admit to being an amateur graphic designer but that doesn't take away from the time and effort I put into every commission. Satisfaction is what I strive for. The customers, and maybe even more importantly, my own.

Game development. Programming. The ability to merge the above two into one single interactive medium. It's what I am a student for. It's what I strive to do in life. To effect emotions in people without ever seeing their faces or hearing their voice. That's game development. Making unique experiences that people will talk about fondly for years to come.

That's who I am. Mostly. I love art. I'm creative, but oh so logical. Outspoken but respectful in what I say and do. Open-minded and understanding but not one to take disrespect and ignorance lightly.

I am the artist.


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